Pre-Hospital use of scenarios in Paramedic Education

The Training Team in South Western Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust (SWAST) has evaluated various methods to decrease the numbers of failures within student paramedic practical examinations, and has developed strategies for enhanced student experience and performance. This model developed uses a new paradigm for teaching emergency care thta ensures increased performance.

Pre-hospital care includes the movement of patients and creation of access to patients, who may be trapped or the practitioner may be required to work in a confined space when delivering care. The new model focuses on the increased role opf tutor knowledge and the enhancement of the importance of understanding logistical concerns in pre-hospital care.

Download below to view the full paper authored by: David Halliwell, MSc. Paramedic, Flfl, LIzzie Ryan, MEd, MBA, MSc, RN, Flfl amd Paul Jones, BSc (Hons) Cert Ed Paramedic