Building High Performance Teams to Tackle Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Are you Providing High-Quality CPR?

Since the introduction of Resusci Anne® in 1960, Laerdal has been committed to spread the teaching of CPR among both healthcare professionals and lay communities. The ongoing development of our CPR training solutions remains at the heart of our mission – helping save lives. In this spirit, we have developed a 1-day hands-on workshop that goes over the critical components of high-quality CPR, the steps on how to use simulation to maximize individual skills and team efficiency, and the theory behind high-performance resuscitation teams / Pit Crew CPR.

The most recent Resuscitation Workshop took place at the last Laerdal Simulation User Network (SUN) conference in Philadelphia, PA. There was a great turnout, attendees enjoyed the hands-on approach of the session. Check out the presentation entitled "Pit Crew Simulation" to learn more about High Functioning CPR.

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Pennsylvania Heart Rescue Group Resuscitation Academy

This workshop is designed to be an intensive training course for healthcare providers in optimal out-of-hospital cardiac arrest resuscitation. The lecture will focus on the science behind optimal CPR practices, looking in particular at the importance of continuous chest compressions as part of resuscitative efforts. In the simulation session, attendees will create their own "pit crew" teams to practice high-performance CPR.

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