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Building High Performance Teams

Building High Performance Teams to Tackle Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The goal is to give you an introductory experience to how simulation can be used to develop high performance resuscitation teams. We hope to increase your interest in high performance resuscitation so that you will join us in our mission, along with many others who share the same vision, of helping save lives.

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2013 San Antonio SUN Conference

The San Antonio SUN was a wonderful educational event. Want to get Speaker Presentations from all 3 days of the conference?

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About Dr. Dieckmann

Simulation Is More Than Technology - The Simulation Setting

Dr. Peter Dieckmann, Head of Research at the Danish Institute for Medical Simulation (DIMS) - Simulation offers high potentials for learning and other uses. In order to make the best use of the potentials, it is important to optimize the conceptual basis for the use and to help all people involved understand and go by the rules required to reach the specific goal of the simulation event.