SimMan 3G training scenario

Meeting Professional Training Needs

SimMan 3G meets the professional training needs for in-situ training in a simulation centre, hospital, university as well as medical and nursing schools.

Emergency services and military organisations should look at SimMan 3G Trauma which is specically adapted for training rapid assessment of trauma emergencies.

An easy to use advanced patient simulator

SimMan 3G is an adult patient simulator designed to deliver the most realistic training possible whilst remaining easy to set up and simple to operate.

SimMan 3G comes with a long list of features that will optimise simulation training scenarios including automatic drug recognition, light sensitive pupils, bodily fluid excretion and Wi-Fi portability.

Wireless technology makes SimMan 3G flexible and mobile, so that it possible to conduct training for the entire rescue chain and allow training to include patient handover and emergency reporting.


Software that Simplifies the Simulation

SimMan 3G provides an intuitive graphical user interface that allows both novice and expert instructors to access vital signs, log notes ready for debrief and run effective simulation scenarios.

Training can be run in AutoMode, to provide a quick set up and automated operation, or in an improved Instructor Mode, to allow instructors to use their experience to adapt and digress the training session at any time, without compromising the flow of simulation.

The software does this by combining physiological models, pre-programmed patient cases and an innovative method for managing model based simulation.

With SimMan 3G, Instructors can also take advantage of pre-programmed pharmacological responses for over 149 drugs and devices to repeatedly run even the most complex cases with ease and adapt scenarios to challenge the skills of every student.


Innovative technology brings increasing realism to simulation training

The technology incorporated into SimMan 3G makes training more realistic and effective.

Eye Signs
Pupillary responses can simulate a wide range of neurological symptoms
The new eye secretions feature can simulate responsive reactions to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents.
Seizures and convulsions can be created, at various degrees, from minor effects through to full convulsions with the Instructor Mode. 
Bleeding & Wounds
A built in fluid and bleeding system prepares students for messy situations.
Chest Decompression & Chest Drain
Students can now perform a needle thoracentesis and insert a chest drain bi-laterally.
  Wireless Monitor
An optional wireless monitor enables vital signs to be observed whilst moving around freely during training.
  Vascular Access
In addition to the standard vascular access in the left leg, the new intraosseous access via the tibia and sternum allows for procedure accuracy.

Learn about all SimMan 3G features using this interactive presentation

SimMan 3G interactive presentation

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  Drug & Event Recognition
The Drug Recognition System registers the amount, speed and type of drug automatically and applies the appropriate physiological responses, saving the instructor time and improving debrief.

Durable and built to last

Laerdal is renowned, around the world, for products that actually go beyond user needs and continue to work well beyond the expected lifespan.

In addition, we can offer a range of technical support services that make it easier for you to own, operate and maintain SimMan 3G including preventative maintenance programmes, extended warranties and an optional on-site services from our field service technicians.

Your SimMan 3G provides the best training with:

  • Current software updates
  • Product training
  • Validated scenario and case content

Information on software updates and training services can be foun under the "Courses" and "Downloads" tabs to the left of the page.


Use SimCenter to Enhance Simulation Training

A wide range of training scenarios can be developed and purchased using SimCenter.

SimMan 3G can also be intgerated with SimView to allow for full video capture of training ready for debrief.

Learn more about SimCenter >


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