See SimMan 3G Trauma in action on the battlefield

The training solution for military and civilian emergency services

We tailored our SimMan 3G to create a trauma patient simulator specifically designed for military and civilian emergency services. The SimMan 3G Trauma is well suited for training the rapid assessment of trauma emergencies. It will also simulate necessary interventions such as hemorrhage control and airway management.


SimMan 3G Trauma is tailored to your needs

From the SimMan 3G we added some essential features, such as amputated limbs and sternal IO access, but streamlined others so that the SimMan 3G trauma is focused on providing optimal training for trauma emergency situations.




Durable for use in real life situations

These features, along with the rugged PC, wireless configuration and carry case, make SimMan 3G Trauma the quality choice for realistic training in any environment – whether in a hospital, an ambulance or in a military combat environment.


We provide full product training

Laerdal offers comprehensive Educational Services to support your curriculum, such as an optional 2 day training course and Technical Services to meet your servicing and maintenance needs.
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Enhance your SimMan 3G Trauma

To take your training with SimMan 3G Trauma to the next level, visit the SimCenter for  more information about how these services can enhance your training experience:

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