Is SimMom the right patient simulator for you?

SimMom is easy to use and adaptable, allowing instructors to accommodate individual student or team learning needs at basic or advanced levels.

SimMom Manual Delivery

Use SimMom:

  • For training in pre- to post-natal care.
  • As a hybrid trainer or full body patient simulator.
  • With or without the optional Automatic Delivery Module.

SimMom gives birth to Birthing Baby, a full-term newborn manikin.
Learn about Birthing Baby >



What are the latest enhancements to SimMom?

  • Ultrasound Solution for SimMom
    An optional Ultrasound Solution has been embedded to gravid and flat abdomen skins to help improve point-of-care diagnostics training, and visually determine the health of the fetus and mother, during the progression of birth.
    Learn more about the Ultrasound Solution >

  • Wireless Connectivity
    An instructor can freely walk around the room whilst they assess and control a training session using a wireless connection from their operator PC and the SimMom Link Box with the LLEAP software upgrade.



Interested in adding automatic delivery to your training?

Optional Automatic Delivery Module can be used with new and exisiting SimMom simulators to run automatic and manual birthing scenarios in training.

Adds standardisation to every training session allowing instructors to concentrate on evaluating students.

Video demonstrations of different birthing positions:



What scenarios can you run with SimMom?

Customisable scenarios and real-time instructor controls allow scenarios to be adapted and developed to your unique learning objectives.

Pre-programmed scenarios developed specifically for SimMom in conjunction with PROMPT and the NLN include normal and operative vaginal deliveries of infants, vaginal delivery with shoulder dystocia encounters and breech infants.

For use with the Automatic Delivery Module, HealthCare Simulation in South Carolina and Dr. Carol Simmons, have developed a range of scenarios:

Find a wide range of scenarios at SimStore.

Manage your scenarios and incorporate video and audio with SimCenter.

Please note: In SimStore you can filter scenarios between SimMom (for manual birthing) and SimMom ADM (for Automatic birthing).



SimMom has been developed in partnership by Laerdal and Limbs & Things

By combining specialised knowledge gained from the successful healthcare simulation products Prompt Birthing Simulator and ALS Simulator, we believe SimMom is the best the market has to offer.

Laerdal has given SimMom an easy-to-use, full-body simulation system whilst Limbs & Things brings a level of realism, both in terms of anatomy and obstetric experience, to the product.



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