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New NATO simulation centre

NATO Special Operations Headquarters opens State-of-the-art simulation centre at SHAPE, Belgium

This simulation centre enables realistic training in environments that are as close as possible to real life situations.   Read more ›

Evaluation of simulation as a tool for BATLS training

Swedish Armed Forces Centre for Defence Medicine

Simulation is becoming increasingly popular for training of non-technical skills and the new wireless...   Read more ›

Simulation brings realism into the training

Centre for Military Medicine in Lahti, Finland

The center for Military Medicine was looking to renew its educational models as the instructors wanted...   Read more ›

State-of-the-art manikins help train Marines to save lives

United States Marines

Their pupils can dilate. They can replicate abnormal breathing patterns. They can bleed and even go into shock.   Read more ›

Realistic training program and team competition for combat medics

National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses (NFLPN)

Founded in 1949, the National Federation of Licensed Professional Nurses (NFLPN) is the official voice...   Read more ›

Soldiers train by performing actual procedures

Sessvollmoen Army Medical Service, Lillehammer, Norway

Full-scale simulations allow the soldiers to perform actual procedures on the manikins and...   Read more ›

Preparing soldiers to respond knowledgeably to battlefield injuries


The U.S.   Read more ›

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