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Regional university gets on the road with Sim Truck

Southern Cross University, Australia

Nursing students from Southern Cross University are found from coastal Port Macquarie all the way up...   Read more ›

Integrating simulation into nursing curriculum

Kempten Nursing School, Kempten, Germany

Shorter practice periods and less clinical supervison prompted teachers to implement simulation with the nursing curriculum.   Read more ›

Simulation integrated with the curriculum improves student assessments and provides better healthcare

Nursing School at Universidad de las Américas (UDLA), Santiago, Chile

In 2008, The Universidad de las Américas (UDLA), Chile started developing its Nursing program under...   Read more ›

Offering “Medical excellence with human warmth” gives simulation-based education a positive impact

Fundación Clínica and Médica Sur Hospital Center of Simulation and Medical Skills (CESIDEM), México, Distrito Federal

At Fundación Clínica and Médica Sur Hospital, medical students, teachers and healthcare...   Read more ›

Simulation used as an educational strategy

Atenas College, Puerto Rico

In 2009, Professor María L.   Read more ›

Simulation helps nursing and midwifery graduates get ready for the workplace

University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Australia

Immersive simulation technologies help create workplace ready nursing and midwifery graduates at the...   Read more ›

Reduced clinical risk and improved patient safety

Southern Health Simulation Centre, Australia

Reduced clinical risk and improved patient safety are at the heart of Southern Health’s decision to vertically...   Read more ›

Wide integration of simulation and scenarios throughout university curriculum is effective and valuable

Belmont University - Gordon E. Inman College of Health Sciences & Nursing, Nashville, TN, USA

Gordon E.   Read more ›

Hybrid simulation for labor and delivery offers greater realism and enhances classroom learning

Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions (CNHP), Philadelphia, PA, USA

Faculty members at The Center for Interdisciplinary Clinical Simulation and Practice (CICSP) at Drexel...   Read more ›

Integrating simulation into nursing curriculum

Birmingham City University, UK

Pressure for clinical placement had been a growing challenge for the UK for some time when faculty at...   Read more ›

Integrating simulation into nursing curriculum

Girona University, Spain

Preparing students better for clinical practice and improving patient safety were major incentives when...   Read more ›

Realistic, cost-effective training, advances clinical education programs

The Fairbanks Interdisciplinary Simulations Center: Clarian Health, Indiana, USA

Each year, the hyper-realistic Fairbanks Interdisciplinary Simulations Center allows thousands of Indiana...   Read more ›

Simulation center is dramatic upgrade and valuable student recruitment tool

Stephen F. Austin State University School of Nursing, USA

Stephen F.   Read more ›

Patient simulation is moving to primary care

Cardenden Health Centre, Scotland

While medical simulation training is becoming firmly established within our Acute Hospitals and Schools...   Read more ›

Investing in patient simulation to improve student confidence and competency

Edith Cowan University Health Simulation Centre, Australia

Edith Cowan University integrate patient simulation training into their healthcare curricula to help improve patient outcomes.   Read more ›

Honing Skills Through Clinical Simulation

Jefferson School of Nursing, Philadelphia, PA, USA

"The post-op patient was going into hypovolemic shock," shares a junior BSN student at Jefferson...   Read more ›

Pharmacy educators use simulation to prepare students

University of Bath, United Kingdom

Pharmacists are taking on an expanding role in public healthcare.   Read more ›

Mobile unit widens access to simulation training

The Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network (CS MEN), Scotland

The Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network (CS MEN) in Scotland has risen to the challenge of delivering...   Read more ›

Optimising the quality of training when time is limited

Darton College of Nursing, Albany, Georgia, USA

Finding the time to develop scenarios complementary to the Nursing Curriculum in the course of a Nurse...   Read more ›

Raising self-confidence and competence prior to clinical experience

Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College, St. Louis, Missouri USA

Modern healthcare is a highly complex process, with numerous dynamics and pressures that challenge the...   Read more ›

Improving clinical performance and students' results in clinical assessments

Ridgewater College, Minnesota, USA

Many nursing educators face the challenge of incorporating simulation into the classroom and clinical time.   Read more ›

Preparing tomorrow's nurses by integrating simulation into their curriculum

University of Texas Arlington School of Nursing, USA

A common theme that is emerging among many international nursing conferences is no longer whether the...   Read more ›

Simulation in nursing education

Gjøvik University College, Norway

Wanting to provide more hands-on training in a safe and controlled environment had staff members implement...   Read more ›

Helping improve your training program

Macon State College School of Nursing

Like many nurse educators across the country, faculty at Macon State College School of Nursing and Health...   Read more ›

Integrating simulation across all healthcare disciplines

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland

Seeing that simulation enables more in debth learning is spurring the university to integrate the new...   Read more ›

Integrating simulation into nursing curriculum

Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Fulda, Germany

Simulation training enables students to practice in a safe and protected environment and it allows teachers to provide instruction.   Read more ›

Simulation in nursing education

Wanting to provide more hands-on training in a safe and controlled environment had staff members implement...   Read more ›

Students learn to resuscitate

University of Applied Science, Nursing School, Tampere, Finland

Acknowledging that many nurses need to improve their acute care skills, the univerrsity decided to implement...   Read more ›

Integrating more simulation into healthcare education

Stavanger Acute Medicine Foundation for Education and Research (SAFER), Norway

The university wanted to integrate more simulation into the nursing curriculum.   Read more ›

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