METS Center provide courses for a range of emergency medical and hospital staff as well as organising EuSim courses.  They had a desire to standarise simulations in order to provide effective and consistent learning experiences.

METS Center are exclusively using LLEAP with SimView to run simulations in it's simulation centre.

Rob Brendal, Educational Director at METS Center has said:

  • The LLEAP interface is so intuitive I have the impression there are more features available than ever before.
  • It is much easier to register events and to bookmark important events allowing easy debrief afterwards.
  • The videos are immediately available now for debrief which optimizes our time, in the past we had to wait for the transfer of the video files.

METS Center uses a range of simulators situated in 5 simulation rooms in Bilthoven. They also provide in-situ (on location) training.