Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine has a very dynamic simulation center. The infrastructure was designed to be flexible so that it can adapt to meet their training needs. Before implementing LLEAP in their center, they were faced with obstacles ensuring equipment was installed and functioning properly in varying environments. Chris Martin, Director of Simulation, recalls, “Whenever we made configuration changes to our rooms it was a huge ordeal. In addition to moving the simulator, there was an entire set of equipment that needed to be exchanged.” After LLEAP was implemented at VCOM, these obstacles completely disappeared. “The open architecture and flexibility of LLEAP allows me to simulate the way I want to simulate, when I want to simulate, with the peace of mind knowing the technical aspects are taken care of behind the scenes- automatically. Implementing LLEAP at our school has been a dream come true,” says Martin.

With the control interface being identical across all of the Laerdal products, it has made extensive faculty training on different simulators a thing of the past. “There are always fresh faces entering our center and we serve a wide range of interests. With preprogramed LLEAP scenarios from SimStore™, the time we spend showing our new faculty how to use the simulators has drastically decreased. In as little as twenty minutes, I can orient a novice faculty member to the simulation and they are off and running. For our more experienced faculty, all of the features they have grown to love are still present in the LLEAP interface and they are able to master the new environment in just an afternoon.”

The unified user experience that is core to LLEAP has allowed VCOM to seamlessly transition simulations from one Laerdal simulator to another simulator. “It is a true timesaver because LLEAP can be quickly adapted to several different simulation environments without difficulty. Preprogrammed scenarios on the LLEAP platform provide us with the opportunity to spend less time worrying about faculty development and training and more time doing what we do best - provide a high quality simulation experience to our students.”

When asked about the process of implementing LLEAP at his center, Martin said, “The LLEAP upgrade process was a wonderful experience. After completing the Pre Implementation Questionnaire, a Laerdal Service Engineer came to our facility to complete the implementation. The team that came to our facility to upgrade our system was amazing and the installation went smoothly. We could not be happier using LLEAP. It is a technically sound product. You can really see the Laerdal quality shine through in this product. This is the future of simulation and it looks amazing.”