Save Time and Improve Efficiency

When opened in January 2014, the Dr. George Ball Simulation Center housed SimMan® 3G, SimMan® Essential Bleeding, SimJunior®, SimMom®, ALS Simulator, SimBaby™, SimManager™ and SimView™. The newest addition, the SimMom Automatic Delivery Module (ADM), included the Laerdal Learning Application- LLEAP software. After being introduced to LLEAP, the Simulation Coordinator, Alaina Herrington, saw an opportunity to improve efficiency across the entire center. 

Constantly changing the 5 simulation rooms to meet different training objectives was a daily challenge. Before transitioning to LLEAP, “this was a time-consuming ordeal every time we went to set up a new scenario” said Herrington. With LLEAP, “we now have a dedicated computer in each of our control rooms and mounted patient monitors in each of the simulation rooms. This makes it easy to move the manikins from room to room in order to facilitate different environments for each of the programs using the simulation center. In addition, we saved money by changing to this model and were able to use older simulation laptops for different purposes.”

Increase Confidence and Learning Opportunities

Another struggle for the staff has been faculty development and gaining comfort with technology. After the LLEAP implementation process, the center started exclusively using LLEAP for all simulations. In Herrington’s opinion, “since we were comfortable using the older Instructor Application and then trained on LLEAP when we purchased our SimMom ADM, transitioning to use LLEAP with the rest of our equipment was relatively easy.”

In addition to the unified operating system, Hinds Community College finds using pre-programmed scenarios helps increase efficiency and faculty confidence. “We usually run National League for Nursing (NLN) scenarios. Since we are a new facility, we wanted to start with quality products. NLN scenarios are written by simulation experts and proven to work.  We find them easy to adapt for the wide variety of disciplines that use our center- nursing students, respiratory therapy students, paramedic students, LPN students, HCA students, and physical therapy assistances,” said Herrington.

Preparing to Achieve Future Goals

When asked about the implementation process, Herrington said, “migrating to the LLEAP platform can feel overwhelming at first, but it’s so worth it.  LLEAP saves me time day after day.” After completing the Pre-Implementation Questionnaire, “Laerdal provided me with detailed information about what was required. When the technicians arrived, we had everything ready. It went very smoothly and we couldn’t be happier.”