Press release: SimMan makes way for a new era in simulation training

Launched by Laerdal Medical in 2001, SimMan became the world’s most widely used advanced patient simulator.
A defining success story in Laerdal’s 50 year history of creating innovative training solutions for the healthcare industry, the company reflects on why it is time to retire the current SimMan and reveals what exciting developments are now underway to take his place.

A Pioneering Patient Simulator 

Laerdal has been at the cutting edge of healthcare training since the launch of Resusci Anne which revolutionised CPR training across the healthcare services and lay communities at large.

The introduction of SimMan set another landmark in the company’s history of creating high quality basic, intermediate and advanced simulation training solutions. Martin Hetland, Director of Strategic Marketing at Laerdal reflects, "Prior to SimMan’s launch, simulation had limitations generally due to its high cost and operational complexity.

Although there was a growing demand for simulation, in reality it was only available to a few. SimMan helped to change that. Far exceeding our expectations at the time of his launch, we watched SimMan help to transform simulation into a cost-effective, viable and sustainable training solution. His legacy is one of which we are really proud." 

Paving the way for a new era in simulation

As new technologies emerge the opportunities to take simulation to the next stage become profound.

With the advent of wireless technology, the time came to fundamentally review how far a patient simulator could go in terms of delivering both quality learning experiences and greater accessibility to the wider healthcare community across multiple disciplines.

Laerdal’s new SimMan Essential has been designed to meet this challenge and is set to facilitate the now growing demand for in situ and multi-disciplinary team training.

Wireless and greatly enhanced with new clinical features and supporting services, SimMan Essential is a complete mobile simulation solution. 

The Final Call 

While the current SimMan is due to ‘retire’ in April 2011, he will not be confined to a retirement home just yet as for another 5 years, Laerdal will continue to offer technical and maintenance support for the 6,000 SimMan that are currently the mainstay of many successful simulation programmes globally.

As one door closes another door opens, and in this spirit Laerdal is confident that the new SimMan Essential will continue the legacy of SimMan by further increasing the use of this most valued training methodology in support of the company’s long-held mission – helping save lives.


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