NHET-Sim is funded by Health Workforce Australia (HWA) as an Australian government initiative under the Simulated Learning Environments (SLE) Program. The project, being undertaken in partnership with Monash University, offers a free training program for all health educators and clinicians. Already over 3,000 participants have registered for NHET-Sim and training workshops are being delivered across Australia with participants able to access workshops at any venue. Online training modules are also available.

Supporting simulation educators and technicians

Professor of Simulation Education in Healthcare at Monash University and the NHET-Sim Project Lead, Professor Debra Nestel believes NHET-Sim has been instrumental in the uptake of simulation as an educational method in many healthcare and education centres across the country. She said. “At the recent SimHealth 2013 conference in Brisbane it was exciting to see so many projects presented that had grown directly from the experiences of the NHET-Sim alumni. It was also interesting to see work from simulation educators and technicians as well as from clinicians who, after participating in the NHET-Sim Program identified simulation as the best option for what they were trying to teach.”

 Flexible learning options

Registrants can choose from two learning options: Stream A (e-learning and face-to-face workshops) and Stream B (e learning). Both streams have two core modules and there are eight additional electives to choose from. Completion of the program will take around 24 hours. The online learning is self-directed and can be done at your own pace. Workshops are scheduled across Australia at metropolitan and rural locations.

New discoveries and a simulation community of practice

Clinical Skills Laboratory Coordinator at the University of Newcastle Rebecca Marley says that she would never have predicted the impact of NHET-Sim in her area. “Many educators discovered they had been using simulation as a teaching tool, but were unaware of the power or potential of it. They now had the skills to use simulation purposefully, planned, performed and evaluated,” NHET-Sim has created a new community, inter-ward and inter-hospital conversations and provided a common language for us. It has supported our university-health service collaboration and given us a tool to use to enhance education of local health professionals,” Rebecca said.

Breaking down inter-professional silos

Regular feedback about the NHET-Sim Program includes breaking down traditional inter-professional silos. Simulation and Elearning Manager at Western Health, Sunshine Hospital Janet Beer says that “I love the fact that it is interprofessional and it has been great for us as a centre to get to know more of our clinicians. We now find clinicians and educators are helping each other teach more and this has really helped to break down some of the interprofessional silos that sometimes still exist.

"Evidenced based, best practice framework"

NHET-Sim faculty and mentor, Clinical Simulation Educator at the La Trobe Rural Health School in Shepparton Victoria Jenny Doyle believes the “NHET-Sim Program has provided an evidence based, best practice framework to ensure that simulation is facilitated to world standards in Australia. It’s bought together a stimulating group of resources for participants to read.”

Completing your annual continuing professional development program

As all registered health practitioners must undertake continuing professional development (CPD), as part of their registration, completing the NHET-Sim program is an ideal opportunity to work toward your annual CPD points.  To take advantage of this complimentary professional development opportunity, please visit the NHET-Sim website: http://www.nhet-sim.edu.au/ or call the NHET-Sim team on (03) 9905 0221, who will be pleased to assist you with your enquiries.

This project was possible due to funding made available by Health Workforce Australia.