The PROMPT Birthing Simulator is designed to allow instructors to effectively teach the complexities associated with birthing, while allowing learners to practice the skills required for successful deliveries.

The clinical accuracy of the PROMPT product offers the ability to present both the mother and baby in multiple positions to simulate:

  • Training in normal, difficult, instrument, and placenta deliveries
  • Training in the relief of shoulder dystocia
  • Measurement of the traction forces applied by the obstetrician to the baby during delivery (Force Monitoring version)



  • Industry first simulated fetal Force Monitoring system
  • Anatomically accurate perineum and pelvic floor muscles, with bony pelvis modeled from CT scan data
  • Representative full term baby
  • Mother allows for multiple delivery positions and techniques



  • The Force Monitoring system provides both instant feedback and graphical records as to the force applied to the baby during delivery
  • Realism of the simulator helps develop proficiencies in the clinical environment. Abdominal skin can be removed to display anatomical structures and fetal positioning
  • Articulating baby can be presented in multiple positions to represent difficult and routine deliveries

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