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INSPIRE Debriefing Boot Camp, Melbourne

Location: Australian Catholic University, Melbourne VIC, Australia
Date: 08/12/16 - 09/12/16

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Debriefing is perceived as the phase of simulation where most meaningful learning occurs.  Yet for many simulation facilitators, debriefing presents a significant source of uncertainty and anxiety. 

The Debriefing Boot Camp is an intermediate level program that aims to develop understanding and skill in the facilitation of effective debriefing for health simulation.  This Boot Camp is designed for people who have some experience in simulation and who wish to increase their knowledge and skill in the design and facilitation of debriefing for hospital or education settings.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of this Boot Camp, participants will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast different models and approaches to debriefing
  • Evaluate rationale for selecting a particular debriefing model for specific simulation activity
  • Design a debriefing plan according to intended learning outcomes for one simulation activity
  • Critically analyse the concept of constructive alignment as it relates to simulation design including simulation aims -> scenario -> debrief
  • Explore strategies for evaluating effective debriefing facilitation
  • Participate in the facilitation of different models of debriefing


The Debriefing Boot Camp has been developed by InSPIRE (Innovation in Simulation Pedagogy Implementation Research Evaluation).  InSPIRE is a collaborative alliance of academics from Australia and New Zealand with an interest in advancing health simulation education, practice and research with the aim of promoting patient safety and improving patient outcomes.

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