The Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine


The Foundation was established in 1980 with the objective of providing financial support to research and development projects in the field of acute medicine, particularly those with a practical orientation.

The board consists of the following 7 members:

  • Petter Andreas Steen, MD, PhD, Professor of Acute Medicine, representing The University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
  • Lars Wiklund, MD, PhD, Professor of Anesthesiology, Uppsala, Sweden, representing The Scandinavian Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
  • Geir Sverre Braut, MD, Deputy Director General, Norwegian Board of Health, Oslo, Norway
  • Doris Østergaard, MD, Ass. Professor of Anesthesiology and Director of Danish Institute of Medical Simulation, Herlev University Hospital, Herlev, Denmark
  • Åge Lærdal, MD, Ass. Professor of Pediatrics, Stavanger University Hospital, Stavanger, Norway
  • Tore Lærdal, Managing Director of Laerdal Medical AS, Stavanger, Norway
  • Astrid Lærdal Frøseth, District Court Judge, Stavanger District Court, Stavanger, Norway

Following a recent additional donation by the Laerdal family to the Foundation, the basic capital of the Foundation as per December 31, 2004 amounts to roughly NOK 250 mill.

Until the present, the Foundation has provided a total support of about NOK 55 mill. to more than 1000 projects.

Due to increase in the Foundation capital, the annual grants may be raised up to NOK 20 mill per year, starting in the 25th anniversary year of the Foundation in 2005.

According to the statutes of the Foundation at least 50% of the grants are reserved for projects in the Nordic countries.

Relevant projects

Projects to be considered for support from the Foundation should be clearly related to acute medicine.

Suitable projects should comprise one or several of such elements as experimental or clinical research, diagnosis, treatment and transport of patients with acutely life threatening disease or trauma, and development or accomplishment of teaching.

Preferred projects would be connected with out-of-hospital acute medicine or would have special practical significance. Travel in connection with study periods or congress attendance, or measures to implement acute medical measures without special research or training-related relevance, normally do not qualify for support from the Foundation. Additional information

Formal requirements of applications

Any application for support from the Foundation should be on the official application form. This is available on request from the Administrator of the Foundation, Mrs. Åse Henrichsen, P.O. Box 377, 4002 Stavanger, Norway or for download below.
For a pdf file please choose The Laerdal Foundation.pdf
For a MS Word document please choose The Laerdal Foundation.doc

The completed application form, 1 copy only, should provide all the background information necessary to assess the project. Useful additional information, such as references, study protocols, C.V.'s, publications etc. may be enclosed. However, such enclosures should only supplement and in no way replace the description of the project on the application form.

For practical reasons the application must be typewritten in English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.

Applications will be assessed biannually by the board. Application deadlines are April 1 and October 1 every year. The board's decision will normally be made known to an applicant within 8 weeks of the final date for receipt of applications.

Types of expenses for which coverage may be applied

Only necessary expenditures expected to fall due within a period of 12 months from the start of the project may be covered.

For a project that has received a first year grant, a renewed application may be submitted for a second year grant at the earliest 12 months after a received grant.

Information must be given if the applicant simultaneously is applying for support to the project from other foundations or institutions.

Against this background the board has decided that, as a rule, no single project shall receive more than NOK 125.000,- (equals about USD 20,000,- as of Jan. 2005). If the total expenses for one project should exceed that amount, the board will also include in its consideration other possible sources for financial support since the Foundation in many cases will not be able to provide by itself all the necessary funding. Expenses concerning equipment and secretarial services will not be covered by the Foundation to the extent that such resources are believed to be available from the institution where the applicant is planning to carry out the project.

It should be evident from the application form whether the applicant has received support from the Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine for another project in the past. In such cases, the board will attach importance to the reporting by the applicant on that previous occasion.


Recipients of grants from the Foundation are required to submit within a year after receipt of the grant, and also always in connection with an application for renewed support, a brief written report to the board about the progress, findings, total expenditure and specific use of the grant from the Foundation.

Received applications that have not qualified for Foundation support have typically been "off center" relative to the Foundations main focus for one or more of the following reasons The Foundation Board believes that improved patient outcome will not only result from advances in medical science, but perhaps even more so by higher educational efficiency and better local organization. The following figure derived from the "Utstein Education" paper stipulates that chances of survival may be expressed as a mathematical product of these three factors. The same paper suggests that there may be particularly much to gain by increased focus on the latter two of these factors. The Foundation Board agrees with this and would welcome project applications relating to educational efficiency and better local organization/outcome evaluation in particular