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Ultimate Hurt oefenpop

Artikelnummer: 201-00001
Basisprijs excl. BTW: € 6 760,00
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The ultimate in advanced scenario training

The Ultimate Hurt is a superior trauma and extrication manikin with three interchangeable heads: standard and trauma intubation heads, and Mr. Hurt Head. Ultimate Hurt also comes with a wide range of trauma wound modules to enhance various simulations. 

  • Facilitates facial and cranial trauma assessment and management
  • Standard and trauma intubation heads allow airway management by manual maneuvers and mechanical devices
  • Includes Advanced Trauma Module Set 276-00001 (except seat belt contusion with fractured clavicle)
  • Interchangeable bullet wound chest module

Ultimate Hurt includes: Manikin, Heads (3), Wound Set, Manikin Lubricant, Jacket, Pants, Carry Case and Directions for Use.

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