Garantia Estendida

Extended Warranty programs continue the Laerdal Standard I Year Manufacturer Warranty for your manikin, simulator or system*. Offered in one-year increments, Extended Warranties are available in single-year through 5-year terms. Please note – the Extended Warranty is not an insurance policy and does not cover misuse, normal wear and tear, and/or accidental damage.

Extended Warranty includes (starts after one full year of ownership)

  • Per year coverage for Laerdal branded, designed or produced products
  • Materials, manufacturing or workmanship issues 
  • Return to Bench service only
  • Prepaid ground shipping from and back to your facility

Services not covered by this agreement:

  • Manikin accessories and 3rd Party items/products (i.e., batteries, cables, clothing, etc.)
  • Computers, monitors, and accessories; and non-Laerdal operating software
  • Normal wear and tear, stains, cosmetic irregularities

Extended Warranty is included in ValuePlus™ 2, 3 and 5 year packages and is also available as an individual coverage in single and multiple year options.

* Laerdal offers coverage for a maximum of 8 contiguous years (1 year standard warranty and up to seven (7) additional years of purchased Extended Warranty). The standard manufacturer warranty covers the first year of ownership. Products without contiguous coverage may require inspection, evaluation, repair and servicing to restore warranty eligibility. Restoration service is at additional cost provided at prevailing rates. Discontinued and CPO (Certified Previously Owned) product may not be eligible for extended warranty.

For assistance with Laerdal’s Extended Warranty, please contact your Laerdal Representative.

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