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Intro to VitalSim SDL

Nº do item: 200-10050
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Get up and running with your VitalSim Vital Signs Simulator

This course will guide you through installation & help you get started quickly with the VitalSim Vital Signs Simulator. With this self-directed course, complete the 8 basic modules at your own pace, learning everything from manikin connection & functionality to building your own scenarios.


Learning Objectives:

  • Assemble the VitalSim simulator.
  • Connect the VitalSim Simulator to the VitalSim Control Unit.
  • Identify the features and benefits of the Nursing Anne and MegaCode
  • Program, save, and upload scenarios using the PC-based Scenario Builder.
  • Control the simulator using VitalSim Remote Control unit.
  • Conduct routine maintenance for VitalSim Simulators.

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