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Eval Skills Perf DVD Set
Set of 2 DVDs

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This two-disc DVD set is an enrichment tool for AHA Instructors and Heartsaver Skills Evaluators. It provides instruction on how to adequately evaluate CPR and AED, first aid and respiratory skills performance during skills testing. It includes four sections: Heartsaver, BLS for Healthcare Providers, ACLS and PALS and PEARS. Each of the four sections offers an introduction, and then presents the “critical performance steps” chapter, demonstrating correct skills performance. Next, viewers are shown testing scenarios and use the appropriate skills testing checklist to test the students in these scenarios. After skills testing, errors are reviewed and correct skills testing is shown.

  • Two-disc set includes four sections: Disc 1 includes Heartsaver and BLS for Healthcare Providers. Disc 2 includes ACLS and PALS and PEARS
  • Section chapters are as follows:
  • Introduction
  • First Aid Skills
  • Critical Performance Steps
  • Adult CPR AED Skills
  • Child CPR AED Skills
  • Infant CPR Skills
BLS for Healthcare Provider
  • Introduction
  • Critical Performance Steps
  • 1-and2-Rescuer Adult BLS with AED Skills
  • 1-and2-Rescuer Infatn BLS Skills
  • HeartCode® BLS
  • Introduction
  • 1-Rescuer Adult CPR and AED Skills
  • Critical Performance Steps
  • Bag-Mask Ventilation Skills
  • HeartCode® ACLS
  • Introduction
  • Critical Performance Steps
  • 1-and2-Rescuer Child BLS with AED Skills
  • 1-and2-Rescuer Infant BLS Skills
Run times:
  • Heartsvaer = 35 minutes
  • BLS for Healthcare Providers = 39 minutes
  • ACLS = 27 minutes
  • PALS and PEARS = 43 minutes
Packaged in a frosted Amaray case  
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