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The ACLS EP Exam Key allows ACLS EP Course participants access to the online ACLS Provider exam. Learners must pass this exam with a minimum score of 84% to attend the ACLS EP Course. Upon successful completion of the online ACLS Provider exam, a certificate of completion will be available for learners. Learners must print this certificate and bring it with them to their ACLS EP Course. Learners have two attempts to pass the exam before a new exam key is required. If an exam key is lost, a new exam key is required.

ACLS EP Exam Keys are for use by ACLS EP Course participants. These keys are available for purchase only by authorized AHA ACLS Training Center Coordinators. Training Center Coordinators must use their Training Center security code to order keys. Training Center Coordinators should provide keys to the ACLS EP Course Director to distribute to learners with their ACLS EP Course materials. ACLS EP Course Directors should instruct learners to complete the exam before attending the ACLS EP Course and to bring their certificate of completion to the course to show they passed the exam.


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