Training on Everything from Intubation to Holding the Hand of a Patient Near Death

Enter the control center of Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center’s Torrance-based simulation lab, and you might just think you’ve walked onto the set of Grey’s Anatomy. There are high-tech hospital beds, IVs, an electrocardiographic heart monitor and (fake) blood, bodily fluids and medications. There’s even a food tray with a forlorn piece of French toast and a glass of milk.

Alas, however, there’s no Dr. McDreamy. But there is the $85,000 Laerdal SimMan 3G. SimMan is an eerily believable mannequin patient.“He blinks, he sweats, he cries. He has a heart rate and blood pressure. We can even program him to have a seizure or a stroke,” says Heidi Traxler, RN, MSN, nurse educator and the clinical simulation program manager.

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Published on on October 31, 2014