Making Simulation Easier

SimPad will improve your ability to deliver high quality simulations and achieve your learning objectives.
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SimPad Scenarios from Industry Leaders

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Effective Simulation-based Education

SimPad allows instructors, new or experienced, to deliver highly effective simulation based training.  With its intuitive touchscreen interface, easy to operate scenarios, integrated data log, and compatibility with a wide range of Laerdal simulators, task trainers, and standardized patients, SimPad will open up a world of learning opportunities. 

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Upgrade your Simulation Program

Take your simulation program to a new level!  With SimPad, you can apply more relevant functionality to your existing simulation products and transform your training into a truly immersive simulation experience. 

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Tailored Operation-Automatic Mode and Manual Mode

The SimPad System features two unique ways to control your simulation:  Automatic Mode and Manual Mode. This allows you to tailor the simulation to meet your specific needs.

Validated scenario content can be purchased for SimPad or developed using Theme Editor or SimDesigner.

Learn more about Automatic and Manual Mode options and how to integrate educational content >

Facilitate Post-Event Debriefing and Evaluation

Do you integrate debriefing into your simulation training?  Utilize the built-in Log Viewer application for debriefing immediately after a session or incorporate SimView™, SimView Mobile, or Session Viewer to enhance the debriefing with synchronized video.

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Realistic Simulation Training

SimPad is a tool that makes simulation available at your fingertips - when and where you need it. SimPad's portability will make set up time and transportation faster, easier and more convenient. You’ll have the freedom to make training more clinically relevant which will prepare students to provide the best patient care.

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