Self Directed Learning Program for NRP 6th Edition, Lessons 1-4.

Simply NRP is a self-directed learning tool that provides the student with a hands-on approach to acquiring resuscitation skills essential for completion of the Neonatal Resuscitation Program.   The self-directed learning (SDL) option focuses on the individual learner by providing the student with a guided learning experience through the Principles of Resuscitation, Initial Steps of Resuscitation, bag-mask ventilation and compression skills practice necessary to ensure a positive outcome during a resuscitation event.

Includes a 40-minute DVD that instructs the learner through the equipment check, initial steps, positive-pressure ventilation, and chest compression.

Also includes the NeoNatalie simulator equipped with squeeze bulbs to simulate spontaneous breathing, palpable umbilical response, and crying, a simulated equipment panel, feeding tube, 20-mL syringe, clamp, stethoscope, bulb syringe, oxygen tubing, pulse oximeter sensor, bag-and-mask, and blanket.