Viruses and Malware

Viruses and Malware are unauthorized programs that may replicate themselves and spread to other computer systems across a network. The symptoms of Virus infection may include considerably slower response time, inexplicable loss of files, changed modification dates for files, increased file sizes, and potential problems running installed Software.

All possible and practicable measures must be taken to prevent the introduction of Viruses and Malware onto your Laerdal laptops or simulators in order to ensure their continued functionality.

Some suggestions we have to minimize your risk of a Virus/Malware are:

  • Install the Anti-Virus system your facility currently uses onto all Laerdal laptops and ensure it is set to scan regularly.
  • Make sure that if the Anti-Virus software that you use does not have a built-in firewall as this may impact the connectivity of your setup.
  • Make sure that Security Updates for Windows is installed through Windows Update.
  • Limit the use of thumb drives that you are not sure are virus free in your computers.
  • If using a thumb drive on the computer, please scan the drive before opening any files.
  • With the exception of SimStore which is a safe to access site- discourage internet surfing on your Laerdal laptops.
  • Do not download software onto your Laerdal laptop that is not from the Laerdal website.
  • Do not access emails from your Laerdal laptop.

Laerdal makes no specific recommendations on the Anti-Virus software you should install, and you do so at your own risk. In addition, Laerdal is not responsible for virus removal or virus identification on any equipment.