Loaner Program

Loaner Program offers an effective way to minimize disruptions to your training and simulation schedule. If your manikin requires immediate service, we can provide a Loaner unit for your use while your equipment is at Laerdal for evaluation and/or repair.

We also have a limited quantity of Loaner components (compressors, linkboxes and simulation laptops) available. Individual manikin parts (i.e., arm, leg, head, etc.) are not available.

Loaner Program includes:

  • Shipment of Loaner manikin to your facility (for your staff’s temporary use only, not for loan to other staff, facilities or locations)
  • Prepaid ground shipping covering return of your manikin to Laerdal, return of your manikin back to your facility, as well as return of the Loaner unit back to Laerdal
  • All expenses incurred to prepare Loaner for you
  • All expenses to inspect, clean and re-stock our Loaner unit when returned

Services not covered by this agreement:

  • Repairs to your manikin and/or other Customer-owned property
  • Damage to Loaner while in your care resulting from accident, abuse, misuse, introduction of foreign objects and/or failure to follow manufacturer’s Directions for Use
  • Manikin accessories, 3rd party items/products, computer, non-Laerdal operating software
  • Fees resulting from failure to return Loaner within expected timeframe*
  • Additional shipments of your property
  • Products located outside the United States or Canada

* Ship back to Laerdal within 5 business days from receipt of your returned property to avoid potential assessment of late Loaner fees of $175 for each day Loaner remains at your site past 5 business days.

Loaner Program is included in ValuePlus™ 2, 3 and 5 year packages and is also available as individual coverage in single and multiple year options.

For additional information on Laerdal’s Loaner Program, please contact your Laerdal Representative

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