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Protect Your Nursing Anne Investment

Ensure Peak Performance

Using Laerdal's professional team of trained technical experts, we can help you optimize and sustain your simulation training program.

For a limited time, purchase a Technical Service bundle that includes a Preventative Maintenance on-site visit and 1-year Extended Warranty for each Nursing Anne manikin in use to help ensure peak performance.

Limited Time Offer

If you own one or more Nursing Anne Manikins, you qualify for a limited time discount. Save now on the purchase of Technical Services Bundles!*


Own 1 manikin?

Save over $600 when you purchase an on-site Preventative Maintenance and a 1-year Extended WarrantySave over $600 when you purchase an on-site Preventative Maintenance and a 1-year Extended Warranty

Own 2 manikins?

Save over $2,200 when you purchase two Preventative Maintenances and two 1-year Extended Warranties

Own 3 manikins?

Save over $4,300 when you purchase three Preventative Maintenances and three 1-year Extended Warranties


*Note: Only one bundle per manikin can be purchased.  Preventative Maintenance and Warranties must be purchased at the same time, by the same account to receive the tiered discount. 

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Maximize Your Services Protection

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance (PM) packages are a simple way to control costs through annually scheduled routine servicing. Delivered by trained Laerdal Service Engineers, each PM service includes extensive assessment, testing, and replacement of components to ensure your products maintain peak performance levels.

Extended Warranty

Ensure peace of mind with a service contract that extends the manufacturer's warranty period of your simulator, including prepaid ground shipping from and back to your facility for repairs of material, manufacturing, or workmanship issues.

Enhance Your Nursing Anne Training

Add on additional services or offerings to increase the impact of your training.

This offer is currently available for existing Nursing Anne customers residing in Canada. Promotional offer valid until December 31, 2017.
Products without continuous coverage may require inspection, evaluation, repair and servicing to restore warranty eligibility. Restoration service is at additional cost provided at prevailing rates.