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PALS Poster Set
2015 Set of 10

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Includes one each of the following posters:

  • Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Algorithm
  • Pediatric Bradycardia With a Pulse and Poor Perfusion Algorithm
  • Pediatric Tachycardia With a Pulse and Poor Perfusion Algorithm
  • Pediatric Tachycardia With a Pulse and Adequate Perfusion Algorithm
  • Pediatric Septic Shock Algorithm
  • PALS Management of Shock after ROSC Algorithm
  • PALS Systematic Approach Algorithm
  • PALS Systematic Approach Summary
  • Pediatric Management of Respiratory Emergencies Flowchart
  • Pediatric Management of Shock Emergencies Flowchart

Packaged rolled in a triangular, cardboard tube

Poster Specs:

  • 21.75" x 33.5"
  • Full-color
  • Printed on 80# text matte with gloss aqueous coating

Intended Audience:
The PALS Posters are for use by PALS Instructors teaching the PALS Course, PALS Update Course, or conducting hands-on sessions for HeartCode PALS blended learning courses. Instructors can place them at each of the learning stations during the PALS Course to guide and reinforce skills practice. They can also serve as quick reference tools for healthcare providers in many healthcare settings.

Replaces old part # 90-1055

ISBn # 978-1-61669-550-7




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