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Artikel: 90-1078
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The ACLS EP Instructor Package includes all the tools needed for ACLS EP Instructors to teach the ACLS EP
Course. The following items are included in this convenient package:
· ACLS for EP DVD Set (product 90-1076; includes ACLS EP Instructor DVD-ROM and ACLS EP Course
DVD Video)
· ACLS EP Manual and Resource Text (product 90-1075; shrink-wrapped with a 4” × 6.5” ACLS EP
Systematic Approach Pocket Reference Card and a 4” × 6.5” ACLS Pocket Reference Card Set (product 90-
1012; also available separately)
· ACLS EP 5” × 7” Read Me First Card

The ACLS EP Instructor Package is contained within a 12 5/16” × 8 7/8” × 2” craft box.

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