产品编号: 90-1009


The ACLS DVD is to be used by AHA ACLS Instructors to teach both the initial and update (renewal) versions of the ACLS Course. It also includes a new section for the HeartCode® ACLS program. Following are the specifications for this DVD:

· Total of 7 (seven) videos
o BLS and ACLS Surveys
o CPR and AED Skills
o Airway Management
o Megacode and Team Resuscitation
o Acute Coronary Syndromes
o Stroke
o Science Overview
· The main menu includes 3 (three) sections:
o Full/initial course (run time =118 minutes)
o Update/renewal course (run time = 64 minutes)
o HeartCode® ACLS Part 2 (run time = 63 minutes)
· Closed-captioned
· Packaged in a frosted Amaray case
· Shrink-wrapped

Intended Audience:
The Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Course is designed for healthcare professionals who either direct or participate in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest or other cardiovascular emergencies. This includes personnel in emergency response, emergency medicine, intensive care and critical care units such as physicians, nurses, and paramedics, as well as others who need an ACLS course completion card for job or other requirements.

Replaces old part # 80-1090 (DVD) and 80-1091 (VHS).


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