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Downloads for Resusci Anne Wireless SkillReporter Software


How to use QCPR Manikin Update tool

0,4 MB - English


Resusci Anne Wireless SkillReporter Win 10 Patch

1,7 MB

Download and Install Patch to prevent or fix 'No valid hardware ID found' issue with Windows 10.
QCPRManikinUpdate RA 1 7 0 23254 RB 1 6 0 22845 (for Windows 7 and Windows 8)

6,5 MB - English

Plug your QCPR manikin to PC via USB cable. Run the manikin update tool and select the manikin you want to update. The tool updates the firmware in your manikin to the latest released version. With the latest firmware installed in your manikin, your manikin will have optimal performance and up to date Resuscitation Guidelines installed
Resusci Anne Wireless SkillReporter PC Software/Version

76,3 MB

New software version enables use of Resusci Baby QCPR. Manikin Firmware update required. Please update QCPR manikins with file listed below.

Note: Laerdal will no longer support software for Windows XP as on 8th April 2014 Microsoft will not provide this operating system with technical support or security updates.

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