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Cpr/First Aid Training Manikin

Item Number: 100-10001
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CPR and First Aid Training in one rugged manikin

First Aid Training Manikin is the perfect partner for training that focuses on the practice of first aid. This rugged manikin comes complete with a number of modules to re-create multiple first aid situations.

  • Durable, rugged and lifelike
  • Easily transported for use in classroom and field
  • CPR manikin with trauma modules for a complete cost-effective training package
  • Anatomically correct landmarks and realistic chest compressions/ventillations for practicing correct CPR techniques
  • Removable reusable mouthpieces and economical disposable airways reduce clean-up time
  • Correct head tilt/chin lift
  • Manually generated carotid pulse
  • Realistic articulation for application of cervical collars, splints, and traction or application to spineboard
  • Rugged for indoor and outdoor scenario use
  • Trauma scenarios can be enhanced with the addition of enclosed trauma modules
  • Carry case provided for storage and transport

Includes: Manikin, Jacket, Pants, Soft Carry Case, 3 CPR Mouthpieces, 100 disposable airways and simulated blood


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