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Convalescent Kelly

Item Number: 302-00001
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Combines the ability to teach CPR with features to facilitate basic patient care procedures in a cost-effective, full-body adult manikin.

  • Realistic articulation facilitates practice of passive range of motion exercises, patient transfer techniques and orthopedic care
  • Dressing and bandaging techniques, foot care, and application of antiembolism stockings may be performed
  • Anatomically correct landmarks and realistic compressions/ventilations for precticing correct CPR techniques and Abdominal Thrust Maneuver
  • Correct head tilt/chin lift techniques must be performed for ventilation
  • Removable/reusable mouthpieces and econimical disposable airways reduce clean up time
  • Manually generated carotid pulse
  • Head with anatomical landmarks allows the practice of basic care procedures, external denture care and various oxygen delivery procedures
  • Bilateral deltoid, bilateral thigh, gluteal and ventrogluteal intramuscular injections possible
  • Interchangeable male and female genitalia with reservoirs facilitates urinary catheterization and enema procedures using fluid for realistic return

Includes: Full Body Adult Manikin, upper and lower dentures, 3 reusable mouthpieces, 100 disposable airways, hospital gown, assembly tool kit and directions for use


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