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Deluxe Biology Skeleton

Item Number: SK-1035
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  Skeleton disarticulates into twelve pieces

·     Right side of skeleton hand-painted and lettered to show muscle origins and insertions

·     Skull features removable calvarium cap for neurocranial studies

·     Skull features breakaway maxilla revealing paranasal sinuses supported by spring-mounted detachable mandible

·     Bones of one hand and one foot on opposite sides articulated with springs for joint flexibility

·     Both hips disarticulate with ball and socket joint

·     Deluxe male pelvis hinged and sagittally sectioned so that right hip swings out 45°

·     Organs removable for specialized study include:

-  Two-part brain

-  Lobar lung

-  Heart (coronally sectioned)

-  Small intestine

-  Colon and mesentery

-  Stomach (coronally sectioned)

-  Pancreas

-  Liver

-  Kidney (one kidney coronally sectioned)

-  Spleen

·     Hang-up mounting

·     Articulated with stainless steel wire



SK-1035 includes deluxe stand and anatomy study guide.


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