Northumbria Nursing Courses first in the UK to be accredited

One of UK's principal Nursing Schools (Northumbria School of Nursing) is the first to have had its Nursing Course accredited by the Royal College of Nursing.

Northumbria has often stood out as one of the more progressive Nursing schools in the UK and was an early adopter of the simulation pedagogy. With an annual student intake of 600 nursing students, Northumbria Nursing School is one of the larger schools.

Simulation training - a vital part of the curriculum     
Assistant Dean Margaret Rowe says the students' competency and confidence is so much higher now and that the university has one of the highest employment levels of students. ''It's not just focusing on the theory, it's focusing on the practicalities of being a healthcare professional''.

Higher students fees causes greater competition
With the recent introduction of controversial student fees, it is noticeable that all nursing schools are now in a competitive world where they need to actively ‘sell’ their school. The extent of a school’s simulation offering is now an important consideration to prospective students.

This recent accreditation from the Royal College of Nursing is an achievement for Northumbria and hopefully a new opportunity for other schools to follow.

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