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Nedlastninger for SimMan ALS


IPI for SimMan ALS

6,4 MB - English

SimMan Lung Upgrade Kit Setup Guide

4,8 MB - Multilingual

SimPad PLUS User Guide

20,5 MB - English

SimMan ALS Quick Start Guide

5,6 MB - Multilingual


SimMan ALS Flyer

2,1 MB - English


Laerdal Learning Application (LLEAP) v. [DK]

- Multilingual

LLEAP-software samler kontrollen med alle PC-drevne Laerdal-simulatorer og gør det nemt at køre simulationsbaseret træning.

Ejer du allerede en PC-styret Laerdal-simulator?

Download online og se, om du kvalificerer til at få en gratis LLEAP-licens.

SimPad PLUS 6.2.0-31

268,3 MB

Main changes for SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter:

  • Bluetooth support for SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter.
  • Hide selected default Registered Events.
  • Switch on score reduction for hand position.
  • SkillReporter Results available on user disk (logs.csv).


Main changes for Simulation/System

  • Auto Update option to update SimPad PLUS and Link Box PLUS.
  • Update ShockLink firmware from the SimPad PLUS.
  • Fix for Wifi Connection dropout.


General bug fixes

SimPad PLUS Update 6.1.0-50

266,2 MB

This software update includes support for 2015 AHA Guidelines, Synchronization with LLEAP 6.1, and added ShockLink improvements and functionality.
LLEAP 5.4 Win10 Patch

1,7 MB - Multilingual

This patch is fixing an issue in LLEAP and Patient Monitor 5.4 when upgrading a PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10, where the license may not be accepted. If this happens you are presented with this error message: "No valid hardware ID found." when starting LLEAP or Patient Monitor. Run this patch to prevent or fix the problem.

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