A group of soldiers on a mission deep “behind enemy lines” are under attack. It is early morning, and the fog from the nearby river hangs heavy in the air, mixed with the sickening smell of burning rubber from a destroyed patrol car. A mortar grenade explodes, severely injuring two soldiers and one civilian.  Two of the soldiers crawl to the scene, pulling the wounded to safety behind a rock. The radio is down; no help is expected for the next 6 hours at least. While bullets are flying all over the place, the team realizes they are on their own….

Tourniquets are expertly applied, and the wounded are pulled to relative safety behind the walls of a bombed out building nearby.

Despite first appearances, this is not a village in a region struck by war.  This is the new, scarily realistic medical simulation centre, recently opened at NATO’s Special Operations Headquarters in Belgium.

This simulation centre enables realistic training in environments that are as close as possible to real life situations.

The centre is equipped with the newest and most advanced medical simulators available today, enabling soldiers not only to train convincingly, but to realistically learn how to care for wounded personnel for a longer time than before. It is the first simulation centre in Europe to receive the newest member of the SimMan family from Laerdal Medical: the SimMan Trauma. (-in US sold under the name SimMan Mystic)