Designed to meet the training requirements of neonatal emergency medicine and resuscitation courses, the SimNewB® simulator helps facilitate delivery of consistent simulations enabling instructors to easily integrate simulation into their neonatal training programs.  It helps improve team dynamics, builds confidence and facilitates practice in a risk-free environment.  Utilizing SimNewB for multidisciplinary simulation-based training allows healthcare providers to improve communication, refine critical thinking skills, and ultimately help improve neonatal patient outcomes.


Product Benefits:

  • Helps enhance the educational environment by providing highly realistic patient simulation training experiences for the practice of teamwork, leadership and communication skills
  • Designed to be easily integrated into all neonatal training programs
  • Available in Standard and Advanced versions for scalable training, enabling instructors to vary simulations from the delivery room to the NICU
  • Innovative user interface and scenario designs allow instructors to control the simulator's responses throughout a training session with the SimPad System or a laptop PC

Product Features:

  • Accurately represents a full-term, 50th percentile newborn female, measuring 21 inches and weighing 7 lbs
  • A wide variety of patient conditions can be simulated ranging from a limp, cyanotic newborn with no vital signs, to a moving, crying, vigorous newborn
  • The airway is designed to allow for training in all aspects of newborn airway management, including the use of positive-pressure airway devices, and the placement of ET Tubes and LMAs
  • The patent umbilicus has a lifelike pulse that can be assessed, cut and catheterized for IV access

*The SimPad System is required for operation of the SimNewB SimPad Capable Simulator.  Sold separately. See the SimPad System page for more information.



SimCenter offers easy access to validated content from worldwide simulation experts so you can take advantage of their experience and get the most from every learning opportunity. You will find a wide range of scenarios that have been developed specifically for SimNewB. Visit to learn how you can fully optimize your learning experience.

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