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Ladattavat tiedostot SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter


CPR Scoring Explained

0,5 MB - English

Kuinka aktivoida ohjelmisto SimPadille käyttäen lisenssiä

0,9 MB - Finnish

Activate SimPad Software License (FIN)


How to change router channel LaerdalNetMobile

0,4 MB - English

This document describes how to change channel on the router that is needed when multiple manikins are connected to SimPad SkillReporter.
How to view session files from QCPR manikins with SessionViewer

2,0 MB - English

A short startup guide that shows how to review session files from SimPad SkillReporter on SessionViewer.


SimPad Software Upgrade - Version 5.8.1-108

212,1 MB - Multilingual

This is the latest software version for SimPad.

New features:

  • Support for AHA and ERC 2015 Guidelines
  • Added SVT and BRADY as heart rhythm options when controlling the ShockLink
  • General bug fixes and product improvements
QCPRManikinUpdate RA 1 7 0 23254 RB 1 6 0 22845 (for Windows 7 and Windows 8)

6,5 MB

Plug your QCPR manikin to PC via USB cable. Run the manikin update tool and select the manikin you want to update. The tool updates the firmware in your manikin to the latest released version. With the latest firmware installed in your manikin, your manikin will have optimal performance and up to date Resuscitation Guidelines installed

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