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Ladattavat tiedostot Session Viewer


Session Viewer - User Guide

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Session Viewer Software - Version 5.2.5900.23314

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Session Viewer is a standalone application for recording, viewing and editing exported SimView debriefing files, SimPad log files and BLS result files.

If you add a license to Session Viewer, you can also record the activities during a Standardized Patient Recording or Laerdal manikin scenarios controlled by Instructor Applications. When a USB-camera and a microphone and or a Patient Monitor is added to the PC, can you record both video and audio to support the debriefing of the scenario with the students after the training session.

Session Viewer version 5.2.5900.23314

This version of contains a bug fix:
• This version fixes a licensing error with Session Viewer, where the host PC has been upgraded from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10. In certain instances, the upgrade of the operating system to Windows 10 can cause errors with the licensing for Session Viewer. 
• We recommend upgrading to this version even if you have not been impacted by an upgrade

Update instructions:

If you normally update Session Viewer and LLEAP from the automatic update section of the Laerdal Simulation Home Screen, please go there to download the latest versions of both Session Viewer and LLEAP.  If you are downloading the latest version of Session Viewer manually, please follow the directions below:

If you are planning to update your Session Viewer PC’s operating system to Windows 10, please uninstall the current version of Session Viewer and then follow the instructions below for installing Session Viewer version 5.2.5900.23314. Once installed, you can then update to Windows 10.

If you have already updated to Windows 10 and are experiencing a license error, please disregard the instruction to “repair” your license. Please update to Session Viewer 5.2.5900.23314 without uninstalling your current version of Session Viewer.

If you have already updated to Windows 10 and clicked on “repair” the license, please contact Laerdal Tech Support to help resolve the issue.

Please note: Korean customers and European Union customers who upgrade to Windows 10 will need to download Windows Media Packs from Microsoft in order for Session Viewer to function.

On a LLEAP Instructor PC and/or LLEAP Simulated Patient Monitor PC connected to the internet, Session Viewer can be updated, along with LLEAP, through the LLEAP Simulation Home screen update tile.

To manually install or update:
1. Download the installer to the PC with Session Viewer.
2. Locate and double-click the installer to open the installer.
3. Follow the prompts, as the installer will take you through the needed steps.
4. When the installer completes, you may be prompted to restart the system – please do so.
5. Session Viewer will be ready to use once the installer has completed.
Licensing (if applicable) and equipment from your existing Session Viewer setup will carry over to the new version upon upgrade.
Please contact your local Laerdal Technical Support for any questions.

Important note about Web Cams:
The new release of Session Viewer has new technology for video capture. To be able to work on slower computers, Session Viewer now uses stop motion JPEG technology to create a video from a series of JPEG images. Not all web cameras can support stop motion JPEG. This includes many of the cameras previously distributed by Laerdal. If you currently use a web cam as a means to record simulations, you may need to upgrade to a newer model. Laerdal will be selling the Logitech c930e (part number 400-96050) as the preferred model. Logitech models c920 and c920-c are also supported.

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