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SimDesigner - Version

314,7 MB - Multilingual

The SimDesigner software is compatible with LLEAP and SimPad.

SimDesigner software is included when you download LLEAP. This download allows you to install SimDesigner software without installing LLEAP on the same computer.

New features:

  • Now supports editing Themes for LLEAP. Also supports converting Themes made in the Theme editor for SimPad.
  • Changed the ECG rhythm Torsade de Pointes so that it now has a pulse by default. Can also be set to not have pulse by checking the "EMD/PEA" checkbox.
  • SimDesigner now supports adding custom category icons. Requires LLEAP to show custom icons.
  • Now possible in a state to set "All other values are set to normal/default". This means it is easy to create a "healthy state", you don't have to explicitly add all the healthy values to a state.
  • Added ability to program scenarios for SonoSim that includes a setting for which SonoSim case to load. Requires a coming version of SonoSim that integrates with LLEAP.
  • Now possible to create a trigger that triggers if a value event is registered with "Evaluate later. In the Define trigger dialog, select Trigger on event value->Specified value, then select the checkbox "Evaluate later marker".
  • Now possible to copy events in one phase to other phases in the scenario.
  • Now possible to edit the color of a phase, of an event category and of an event.
  • Added a new type for User defined variables; Set of items.
  • Now easier to delete a trigger in the state overview. Move the mouse over a trigger and click the crossmark shown in the upper right corner of the trigger "bubble".

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with renaming of standard drug events and renaming of events with an alias.
  • Fixed an issue where some scenarios wouldn't open correctly when double clicking or opening via Laerdal Simulation Home.
  • Fixed an issue where some events with auto responses would not be shown in SimDesigner event though there was an auto response for the event in the scenario file.
  • Now possible to exclude Patient Monitor in equipment list and still include SonoSimulator.
  • Various other bug fixes.

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