Important News about your Abbott LSU

The Laerdal Suction Unit has long been the suction unit of choice and is relied upon by healthcare providers throughout the UK. Our ability to support the Abbott Disposable System in our Suction Unit has been compromised by the recent recall of the 1l Liner and 1l Canister from our supplier, Hospira. This situation recently resulted in delays of these parts and we have now been advised not to expect a supply of the 1l Liner and 1l Canister in the forseeable future. Therefore, we are asking our customers to prioritise the conversion of their Suction Unit.

We appreciate that prioritising the implementation of this switch may cause some disruption and cost for many customers which is why for a limited period, we will help you switch over to the Serres Disposable System. The offer includes a FREE Conversion kit and Canister with on-going savings on the liners and tubes.

Call us today!

Our goal is to help our customers to convert to the Serres System as soon as possible and we ask customers to contact their Local Laerdal Representative or Customer Services Department on 01689 876634 to discuss plans to implement this upgrade swiftly and with the least inconvenience.

The Serres Canister System - 

a cost effective alternative we highly recommend

The Serres Canister System is one we highly recommend and it's quick and easy to convert your existing Laerdal Suction Unit to the Serres version. You will save up to 20% on replaceable Serres liners and canisters compared to the Abbott equivalent, so in the long run, you'll be saving money. And, we have a Special Offer to help get you started.

Easy to use

Assembly is simple in three steps using the upgrade kit. The video shows you how.

1. Exchange the Abbott canister for the Serres canister holder

2. Install the Serres canister and liner

3. Connect 2 tubes rather than 3 from the Abbott system and you are done!

Security of Supply

Serres are the largest supplier of suction bags in Europe and second largest globally. Their suction system is know for its superior user friendliness and enhanced ergonomics. Serres products have been designed with the convenience of healthcare providers in mind and optimally fit in both pre-hospital and hospital environments.

Did you know?

1. All Serres suction bags are equipped with a hydrphobic filter that will act as a reliable overflow valve and an efficient barrier to dissemination of bacteria.

2. Serres is a family-owned Finnish company whose mission is to help healthcare professionals succeed in their daily work and esnure quality customer experiences.

3. Serres is committed to the chemical industry's Responsible Care Environmental Programme and is continuously developing more environmentally friendly products which are mostly PVC-free plastic.

Contact our Customer Service Department for further information: Telephone 01689 876634