An upgrade to improve your BLS, ILS and ALS Courses!


Upgrading your Resusci Anne Simulator or Resusci Anne Advanced Skill Trainer to use with the remote SimPad handset will significantly expand the BLS, ILS and ALS education you can deliver in your simulations, making them more realistic and the learning more meaningful.

Whether you run your simulations ‘on-the-fly’ or run pre-programmed scenarios, the touchscreen of the SimPad handset opens up a multitude of adjustable vital signs and physiological parameters that enable you to realistically replicate patient conditions that correspond to both your learning objectives and the student’s interventions – all at the touch of your fingertip!

What is SimPad?

The SimPad system will work wirelessly via Wi-Fi with these simulators allowing you to control the manikin’s condition. Just some of the SimPad screen options below illustrate how easy it is to create and manipulate the patient condition and if you connect the SimPad to the system’s optional patient monitor, the realism of the scenario is complete as students must monitor, interpret and manage the patient accordingly. The SimPad's Log Viewer captures data on student performance for a quality debrief that will optimise the learning experience.

 Flexible physiological adjustment

 Practice to perfection with real-time CPR feedback


 Quality debrief with detailed measurement on performance

 Assessment and guidance on CPR improvement


How will SimPad make a difference?

  • It's got real-time CPR Feedback to guide students' performance on all CPR parameters                                                                                                          
  • You can Measure CPR performance for improvement
  • You can Assess your staff to ensure quality CPR competence within your organisation
  • It's mobile - no more plugs and wires! The upgrade includes re-chargeable batteries so teaching can take place anywhere
  • Minimal Set-up time
  • Scenarios and Themes applications reduce instructor workload
  • Intuitive and easy to use - it's a pick up and play experience
The SimPad Patient Monitor (extra) completes the simulation solution

       And, if that's not enough, the offer includes FREE OF CHARGE:

  • the latest Wireless Skill Reporter software  (normal list price: £660). Install this onto your PC or onto your SimPad Monitor (if you choose to purchase one) and you can connect up to 6 manikins (Resusci Anne Simulator or Resusci Anne Skill Trainer) and display live CPR feedback for each student simultaneously thus maximising student throughput without compromising the quality of the training or the debrief. Plus a Free Education Day (normal delegate price: £175) at the Laerdal Training Centre so you can use your Simulator and the SimPad to its full potential.

Upgrade Options:

Resusci Anne Simulator & Resusci Anne Advanced SkillTrainer                                                                                          
SimPad Upgrade with Preventative Maintenance           Return to Bench - Laerdal Workshop                          £1925        
SimPad Upgrade only Return to Bench - Laerdal Workshop £1650
SimPad Upgrade with Preventive Maintenance At Customer Site £2325
SimPad Upgrade only At Customer Site £1950

To take advantage of this Special Upgrade Offer contact our Inside Sales Team to discuss options and arrange a product demonstration on 01689 876634 or email