CPR training delivered just in time


It was an early April evening in South Korea and ten year old Subin Lee was on her way to a market with her mother. Suddenly they heard someone screaming in front of an apartment building across the street, and found a 51-year-old man collapsed on the ground unresponsive.  A cluster of people stood around him frantic but unsure of how to help him.


Without any hesitation, Subin decided she needed to do something and thought about the CPR she had learnt just 4 hours previously at her local Fire Station.

After a minute of CPR with 1 cycle of chest compression, a miracle happened. The man started coughing, breathing, holding her hand and talking to her.  The ambulance quickly arrived at the scene and transferred him, conscious, to the hospital. The man was soon discharged and made a full recovery.


People are now calling it the ‘Subin Effect’, a testament to her quick thinking and courage that ultimately saved a life.


The Fire Department awarded Subin with a citation and the government is expected to recognise Subin’s efforts in due course.  The Minister of Health and Welfare was interviewed after the event and said that as a result of Subin’s  efforts , “The Ministry is considering expansion of CPR training as mandatory for primary, junior-high and high school students in cooperation with Ministry of Education”.


Subin’s story reminds us just how important public CPR training is and why Laerdal globally is committed to promoting and implementing community CPR programs.


In the UK, Laerdal is proud to partner with the British Heart Foundation’s Nation of Lifesavers initiative. This is a national campaign designed to improve survival rates for out of hospital cardiac arrest which includes ensuring that all young people are taught CPR and PAD (Public Access Defibrillators) at secondary school. Our shared goals with the BHF are extremely important and ultimately, we hope the UK becomes a leading example globally of how to implement the CPR training in schools initiative successfully, saving thousands of lives for years to come.