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Downloads for SimMan ALS

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IPI for SimMan ALS

6,4 MB - English

SimMan Lung Upgrade Kit Setup Guide

4,8 MB - Multilingual

SimMan ALS User Guide

18,0 MB - English

SimPad PLUS User Guide

20,5 MB - English

SimMan ALS Quick Start Guide

5,6 MB - Multilingual


SimMan ALS Flyer

2,1 MB - English


Laerdal Learning Application (LLEAP) software download

- Multilingual

LLEAP software unifies the control of all PC operated Laerdal simulators and brings simplicity to running simulation training.

Click the software link above to trial the software and learn about how you can start using LLEAP with your existing PC operated simulator.

The LLEAP software download includes the Laerdal Patient Monitor and SimDesigner software.

SimPad PLUS Update 6.1.0-50

266,2 MB

This software update includes support for 2015 AHA Guidelines, Synchronization with LLEAP 6.1, and added ShockLink improvements and functionality.
LLEAP 5.4 Win10 Patch

1,7 MB - Multilingual

This patch is fixing an issue in LLEAP and Patient Monitor 5.4 when upgrading a PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10, where the license may not be accepted. If this happens you are presented with this error message: "No valid hardware ID found." when starting LLEAP or Patient Monitor. Run this patch to prevent or fix the problem.

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