Watch this video to see how easy it is to monitor a training session, whilst controlling vital signs, so you can provide the most realistic training experience.

Is SimPad the right tool for you?

  • Quick set up.

  • Full control of patient monitors with live updates.

  • Provide performance debriefs for effective training.

  • Helps create a more realistic training scenario when using live actors.

How SimPad works.

Select a video to learn more about how SimPad works in manual or automatic mode and how the log viewer aids debriefing.


What can I use SimPad for?

Manually program your training scenarios or use automatic scenarios.

Some of the most popular training scenarios are:

  • Acute severe asthma.

  • Simulation in Nursing Education Scenarios Volume I - 20 medical and surgical scenarios developed for undergraduate nursing programs.

  • Simulation in Nursing Education Volume II - 20 scenarios to identify key indicators and perform critical interventions.

  • ACLS Scenarios- 31 scenarios geared toward management of cardiopulmonary emergencies.

  • ACES Cases-12 scenarios designed to advance the care of older adults and targeted towards undergraduate nursing students.

Learn more about purchasing training scenarios from the SimStore here >


How can SimPad maximize your training experience?

  • Upgrade from Vitalsim.

  • Upgrade your current manikins.

  • Monitor Laerdal manikins during training.


Check if your Laerdal manikin is compatible with SimPad and how the SimPad system compares to VitalSim >


Make sure you have the latest software update for optimal performance.

Were you looking for the SimPad SkillReporter for QCPR feedback?

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