The Resuscitation Department at Frimley Park Hospital runs its BLS course 3 times a week with class sizes ranging between 12-15 students in each class. Like many Resuscitation Departments around the country, the Little Anne was the staple manikin used for all BLS training. Looking to update her teaching equipment, Karen tested the new Resusci Anne QCPR manikin with SkillGuide.

The SkillGuide is a small electrronic device that when attached to the manikin, records and displays real-time feedback on the core parameters of CPR performance (depth, rate, incomplete release and ventilation volume).

"As Resuscitation Officers, we all strive to ensure that students attain Guideline compliant CPR but judging the quality of CPR performed can be a challenge and imprecise. With the SkillGuide providing real-time feedback, the instructor and student can see straightaway the level of CPR being performed and what aspects need to improve", observed Mrs. Britton.  

Ensuring the standard is reached

Commenting on the differences between teaching using both manikin types, she continued, "The 30 minutes hands-on session in the BLS course has become much more meaningful. Students can be self-directed in their CPR practice with the feedback on the SkillGuide guiding their improvements until they reach the required standard. And with the SkillGuide's summative feedback and scoring function, we can now be certain they have reached that standard."

When asked if the students liked the new style of training, she said, "The student feedback has been really positive. They seem much more engaged in the training and more motivated and competitive with themselves to improve their scores. The sessions are noticeably more fun and interactive."

The future of BLS training

Looking ahead to the future of BLS training at Frimley Park Hospital, she said, "I can certainly see a measured improvement in CPR performance compared to previous BLS training. Using feedback is definitely the way we will move forward to improve CPR competence in our organisation."