Treating compromised newborns demands the best training

SimNewB has been designed to be easily integrated into all neonatal clinical training curricula. An innovative user interface and scenario design allows instructors to control the simulator’s responses.

We can support you to build and optimise your curriculum through our comprehensive Educational Services, SimCenter and Technical Services.



Realistic traits and lifelike clinical feedback

SimNewB allows learners to practice a broad range of neonatal skills within a realistic simulation environment.

The airway has been designed to allow for training in all aspects of newborn airway management, including the use of Positive-Pressure Airway devices and the placement of ET tubes and LMAs.

SimNewB also features:

  • Realistic Anatomy - measuring 52.5cm (21") and weighing 3.17kg (7lbs).
  • Patent Umbilicus with life-like pulse that can be assessed, cut and catheterised for intravenous therapy.
  • Intraosseous access in both legs.
  • Lung compliance can be altered by an instructor.
  • Realistic chest rise can be adapted to be absent or normal, with breathing rates up to 100 breaths per minute.

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Easy operation, tailored to meet your needs

Depending on your training needs, SimNewB can be operated via the SimPad System or using LLEAP software.


With LLEAP operation:

The event log is synchronised with video which provides immediate, detailed feedback on performance for debrief. This optimises simulation as an educational tool.


With SimPad system:

Instructors are mobile and SimPad provides optimal data capture for debriefing making training more clinically relevant.


Manage your scenarios and incorporate video and audio with SimCenter.

What scenarios can you run with SimNewB?

Preset patient states allow a wide variety of patient conditions to be simulated from a vigorous, moving and crying, newborn to a cyanotic newborn.

Customisable scenarios and real-time instructor controls allow scenarios to be adapted and developed to your unique learning objectives.

SimStore contains a wide range of scenarios developed specifically for the SimNewB. Access SimStore through LLEAP or visit



Partnering to improve neonatal outcomes

Developed in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, SimNewB Neonatal Simulator will allow for new opportunities to integrate the latest technologies into neonatal training programs.

Pairing SimNewB and educational content developed and validated by organisations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics allows learners to master the skills needed to care for neonatal patients and ultimately improve patient outcomes.



Laerdal Services support you all the way

The Laerdal Services portfolio offers comprehensive Educational Services to support your implementation goals, and extensive Technical offerings to meet your simulator servicing needs.

From simulator installation, routine preventive maintenance, product orientation and operation through to helping you realise your learning objectives and incorporating scenarios, Laerdal Services are available to help make your simulation-based training programme a success.

Information on training services and technical offerings can be found under the "Courses" and "Services" tabs to the left of the page.



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