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MiniAnne Plus(10)Dk BHF

Item Number: 106-03303
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ritish Heart Foundation Mini Anne Plus kit (10 pack) - dark

Kit includes:

 10 Mini Anne Plus CPR manikins

  • 1 carry bag with British Heart Foundation logo
  • 10 pump bags with British Heart Foundation logo
  • 11 BHF DVDs
  • 10 kneel mats
  • 2 mesh collection bags
  • 10 replacement face skins
  • 50 replacement airways
  • 50 manikin wipes
  • 1 manual pump for the instructor

Customers who order this product will also receive a welcome pack from the British Heart Foundation

Please note: contact details on the order will be provided to British Heart Foundation who may contact you in the future but your details will not be passed on to any other third party organisations.


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