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Solutions for Obstetrics Training


Multiple practical learning objectives including developing effective communication skills, control of post-partum haemorrhage and many more...


Multiple practical learning objectives including preparing for Shoulder Dystocia, Sepsis, Breech Delivery and many more...

PROMPT Birthing Simulator

Hybrid simulation utilising the PROMPT Birthing Simulator adds realism to multiple complex birthing scenarios. Learn more.




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50% of outcomes are preventable with better care (1)

This statistic is just one of many that can be cited in the field of obstetrics and is indicative of a theme that resonates throughout many international healthcare systems. Equally evident from a broad range of research into these suboptimal outcomes is that common contributory factors include: confusion in roles and responsibility; lack of cross monitoring; failure to prioritise and perform clinical tasks in a structured, coordinated manner and poor communication and lack of organisational support. (2)

Addressing the needs of both mother and child through the birthing process defines our comprehensive obstetric simulation portfolio. Designed to build skills competence in specific obstetric clinical procedures as well as optimising team performance during both routine and complicated births, our simulation solutions will facilitate multiple learning objectives in a practical way for quality midwifery and obstetric care.

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Supporting Global Health - Buy One, Gift One

For every MamaNatalie simulator purchased through the end of 2012, Laerdal Medical will contribute a MamaNatalie to a developing country in need through Laerdal Global Health Programs. This is to support our vision of reducing maternal and neonatal mortality worldwide [More]

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